The following Intents are produced by K-9. Third-party apps can listen for these and act accordingly.


As of v2.3, K-9 package name as changed from to com.fsck.k9. Hence, the intent action and extra were also changed.

  • scheme: email (Necessary for <intent-filter>)
  • host: messages


  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.ACCOUNT
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.FOLDER
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.SENT_DATE
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.FROM
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.TO
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.CC
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.BCC
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.SUBJECT
  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.FROM_SELF Boolean (version 2.101 and later)

Apps Using This Intent

Intent URIs Provided

Email message URI

Use the URI contained in the com.fsck.k9.intent.action.EMAIL_RECEIVED intent, to view an email message

  • action: android.intent.action.VIEW
  • scheme: email
  • host: messages

Intent Actions Used


Used to fetch attach files to email messages

Apps providing This Intent


Used when a message is shared


Used in addition to the documented EXTRAs:

  • com.fsck.k9.intent.extra.SENDER - a String[] holding e-mail addresses of the senders of the original message (version 3.703 and later)