Once you have obtained the APK file from one of the app stores it will be installed automatically. Depending on the version of Android you have you may be prompted to accept K-9’s use of permissions.


We request the following permissions

  • Contacts - This allows us to auto-suggest contacts and to allow you to add new senders to contacts via the app
  • Photos/Media/Files - This allows you to attach images and save images you receive
  • Storage - K-9 needs to store email and attachments to your device in order to work
  • Vibration control - We offer the ability to vibrate on receiving an e-mail
  • Run at start-up - This allows you to receive e-mail as soon as you turn your device on
  • Prevent the device from sleeping - This allows push and poll e-mail to work
  • View network connections - This allows us to only make requests when a connection is available
  • Read sync settings - This allows us to sync contacts and other information
  • Full network access - We need this in order to contact your email server.

More permissions may be added to support new features and development.