The K-9 team is happy to announce the availability of K-9 Mail 5.200.

It has been over 2 years since the release of the last major version. But we haven’t been idle. Have a look at the list of the most important changes:

  • Added support for PGP/MIME
  • Added support for bundled notifications on Android 7+ and Android Wear
  • New option: only notify for messages from contacts
  • Ask for confirmation on “mark all as read”
  • Added support for sub-folders (WebDAV)
  • Added support for List-Post header
  • Added support for Server Name Indication
  • Disabled support for SSLv3 protocol/ciphers and all RC4 ciphers
  • Removed support for APG (use OpenKeychain instead)
  • Added server settings for more providers
  • Added translations: Bulgarian, Persian (Farsi), Croatian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes and features

An often requested feature was the addition of email encryption using the PGP/MIME mechanism. It required us to change a lot of the internals of K-9 Mail and extend the interface to talk to the OpenKeychain app that performs the actual encryption. Vincent Breitmoser did most of the work on this. He was able to work on it full-time for a year thanks to the generous funding of the Open Tech Fund. A huge thank you to them!

We’d also like to thank the numerous people who contributed bug fixes, new features and translations; especially Philip Whitehouse who is the most recent addition to the K-9 team. Another thank you goes to for inviting Dominik Schürmann and Vincent to come to Berlin for a K-9 Mail hack week with ligi and cketti.

The new version should be available on Google Play and F-Droid shortly. If you can’t wait, go grab the APK from GitHub.