After a lengthy merge window the K-9 maintainers are pleased to be able to report that the 5.4 branch has been released.

This replaces the 5.2 branch as the latest release available on the Google Play and F-Droid app stores.


  • New widget: Message List
  • Improved OpenPGP support
  • New OpenPGP flow, adhering to Autocrypt specification
  • Recipient search now includes nicknames
  • Settings export uses Storage Access Framework
  • Better support for multi-window
  • New icon
  • New translations for Albanian, Breton, Esperanto, Gaelic (Scottish), Icelandic, Indonesian & Welsh
  • Updated translations for many other languages
  • Numerous bugs fixed in various areas of the code

Other News

The work done by our 2017 GSoC students is currently being tidied up and should find it’s way into the 5.6 Release. This includes improved IMAP synchronization and better account set-up.

Unfortunately, as much as we appreciate the hard-work last year’s intake provided, we have decided not to enter the 2018 GSoC program.

philipwhiuk, cketti & Valodim
K-9 Maintainers