There’s finally a new stable release available: K-9 Mail 5.800 🎉

K-9 Mail 5.800 screenshot < K-9 Mail 5.800 screenshot < K-9 Mail 5.800 screenshot < K-9 Mail 5.800 screenshot

Noteworthy changes

  • The user interface has been redesigned. Some of you will love it, some will hate it. You’re welcome and we’re sorry.
  • Starting with Android 6 the platform introduced a lot of changes to limit what apps can do in the background. Old versions of K-9 Mail didn’t work too well with these limitations. In 5.800 we’ve made the necessary changes so periodic background sync and Push now work much more reliably.
  • This version of K-9 Mail only runs on Android 5.0 and newer.
  • The support for WebDAV accounts has been deprecated. You won’t be able to set up new WebDAV accounts. However, existing accounts will continue to work for now.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes related to end-to-end encryption (Autocrypt, OpenPGP).

The new version also includes a lot of bug fixes and minor changes. For details, check out the changelog entries for the beta versions (5.7xx) leading up to this stable release.

Support & feedback

If you have questions about the new version, please join our support forum. It’s also a great place to provide feedback and have discussions about the future of the app.

Thank you

A big thank you to all the people who made this release possible – the developers, designers, translators, beta testers, forum members, donors, and everyone else – for contributions large and small. You’re what makes K-9 Mail a community project 💞


If you have questions or comments, please let us know in this forum thread.