Last year we started asking users for money to support the development of K-9 Mail. At the end of that year we published a breakdown of donations to the project: Donations in 2021.

In June of this year, K-9 Mail has joined the Thunderbird family. Since then, donations go to the Thunderbird project. A report about those donations will be published separately (check out Thunderbird’s financial report for 2021).

Here’s the information about donations we received from January to May 2022 – the time before the merger.


The total amount of money the K-9 Mail project received in the first five months of 2022 was €17,976.19 (all fees already subtracted).

Here is the breakdown of the individual channels…


Total received: €15,584.74, $842.75, CHF177.39, £73.49, CA$111.58, SEK503.80, CZK282.53, PLN54.43

January: €3,130.56, $115.61, CA$18.80, CHF27.81, £4.61, and PLN54.43
February: €5,931.18, $62.18, CA$18.57, CHF46.71, CZK282.53, and £11.35
March: €3,113.19, $169.15, CHF56.16, and SEK503.80
April: €1,830.75, $174.11, CHF46.71, and £57.53
May: €1,579.06, $331.70, and CA$74.21

Liberapay doesn’t expose how many donors made the donations. However, 595 successful payments are listed (536 payments where processed by Stripe, 59 by PayPal). There were 2 donations over €200, the largest one €1,200. The smallest donation was €0.15.


Total payouts: €16,940.63

Stripe: €15.259,14
Paypal: €1.681,49


Stripe: €413.07 (2.6%)
PayPal: €39.27 (3.8%), $16.46 (5.7%), CHF12.61 (6.6%), £3.51 (4.6%), CA$6.18 (5.2%), SEK16.20 (3.1%), CZK17.47 (5.8%), PLN2.77 (4.8%)

GitHub Sponsors

Total payouts: €930.56

January: €168.91
February: €244.65
March: €165.68
April: €158.25
May: €193.07

A total of 70 GitHub users gave money via GitHub Sponsors.

Direct payments

Total received: €105.00

January: €25.00
February: -
March: €60.00
April: €5.00
May: €15.00

5 people donated via bank transfer.

How was the money spent?

Like last year, the funding goal of €1.000 per week wasn’t quite reached. So we don’t have to worry about what happens to excess funds. All of the money went to cketti – the maintainer of K-9 Mail.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave money 💖 You made it possible I could spend so much time working on the app.

What now?

Development of K-9 Mail is still funded by user donations. But instead of using the old donation channels, please use Thunderbird’s donation page. Bank transfers (SEPA) are also possible, see Ways to Give.

The GitHub Sponsors option has already been shut down. Currently, money donated via Liberapay or K-9 Mail’s old bank account is transferred manually to Thunderbird. As you can imagine, this is not ideal. So we’ll shut down these channels in the future, too. Please switch to using one of Thunderbird’s donation options.

Shout-out to Liberapay

Personally, I’m sad that we’ll be moving away from Liberapay. It’s a very nice platform for recurring donations. And it is an open source project itself.
If you’re running an open source project and are looking for a way to collect donations, I suggest you check them out: Liberapay.

Thank you for everything, Liberapay ❤️


If you have questions or comments, please let us know in this forum thread.